Customer journey on a website

Your phone vibrates. A new mail! Quick check: You have a new order in your webshop. Doing well! For you, that is the first moment you see your customer. But so much has already happened for your customer! Customers go through different stages before placing an order. The so called customer journey on a website. In this article, we show how your website can help customers proceed at every stage.

Customer Journey on a website

What is the customer journey?

The customer journey starts when a customer decides to buy a product and ends when the customer uses the product for the first time. During the customer journey, the customer is busy choosing which product fits and where it is best to buy it.

Stages of the customer journey on a website

The customer journey is divided into four stages:

Awareness (Googles See stage)
Customers notice that they want or need something. They are investigating various options and solutions.

Consideration (Googles Think stage)
Customers consider exactly what they want and what wishes they have. Then they compare different products and companies that match.

Purchase (Googles Do stage)
Customers buy a product or book a service.

Loyalty (Googles Care stage)
Customers use the product or service. They ask questions to the seller. If the experience is good, they recommend the product or company to others.

An example of the customer journey

I’m hungry. I see there are many restaurants around.

I want to eat something healthy and not walk far. I’ll have an avocado salad at that restaurant down the road.

“Hi, the avocado salad for me, please.”

“That was delicious! Is this salad always on the menu? I’ll tell my sister, she loves salads. ”

Help customers in every stage of the customer journey

Usually you only see a customer from the purchase stage. But customers see you much sooner! When they compare different options, they look at information on different pages on your website to make their decision.

A good website answers questions from customers. Give your visitors the information they are looking for at every stage of the customer journey. That makes it much easier for them to buy from you!

The most difficult part of implementing the customer journey on a website is to decide what pages are needed for each stage and what keywords to use for these pages. This is where the free keywords tool Keshoo comes in handy.