Introduction Awareness keywords (Google's SEE) stage

In the awareness stage the customer journey begins, even if you cannot call the customer a real customer yet. The potential customer has no purchase intention at this stage. That is why it is advisable to focus on brand awareness in this stage and define the right awareness keywords. You communicate your product or service to the general public. You adapt your content to this stage, write blogs and be active on the right channels. Now the persona comes into play again. By knowing where your customer is active, you can now respond perfectly to these moments.

The group you are targeting in this stage can best be described as: People who are looking for information or are interested in a particular topic, but have no direct purchase intention.

Awareness keywords channels

Which channels are good to use in the awareness stage? Looking at the online options, you can think of:

  • Social advertising – Similar audiences
  • Social advertising – Targeting based on interests
  • Branding campaigns
  • SEO – content aimed at the orienting visitor who does not necessarily have a (conscious) purchase intention
  • Display advertising

Awareness stage KPI's

What are correct KPIs for this stage? Since we do not focus on the purchase intention, KPIs as transactions are not a logical KPI. KPIs that you can think of are, for example:

  • Ad impressions
  • Click-through rate on ads
  • Brand awareness / Brand awareness
  • Number of readers of a particular blog
  • Time on website
  • Assisted conversions – long term (is there any contribution to the final hard conversion?)

Finding the best Awareness keywords

Now you know the essentials of the awareness stage, it is time to have a look on how to find the best website keywords for your site.


After defining the awareness stage keywords it is time for the next step in the customers story. The Consideration stage.