Introduction Consideration keywords

Your potential customer knows about the product or service and looks more focused. The visitor searches for information on your type of product / service and compares with others, so using the right consideration keywords is essential. 

Because visitors search focussed in this stage, the use of an Adwords and / or social campaign is advised. After all, the visitor does not search for nothing, how nice it is if you offer what he is looking for and the landing page provides the perfect information? A match made in heaven! That is why we recommend you focus on providing information in this stage. Analyzing the data is very important here, so look at the click through rate (CTR), the number of visitors at the landing pages, but also the interactions.

Consideration keywords channels

The consideration stage focuses on the target group that is already looking more actively and is comparing things. Providing the right information is key in this. Channels that can be used for this include:

  • SEO – Content aimed at the visitor who is actively comparing and researching
  • Social advertising – Similar audiences
  • Social advertising – Targeting based on interests
  • Social advertising – Remarketing based on touchpoint in the Awareness stage
  • Display advertising
  • Google Ads (No focus on purchase intent yet)
  • Google Shopping (Focus on comparison)

Consideration stage KPI's

What are the correct KPIs for the consideration stage? In this stage we therefore focus on visibility towards the target group that is more actively searching and comparing. Rock-hard conversion is still not the right KPI, but which KPIs are good to use?

  • Click-through rate (e.g. ads)
  • Whitepaper downloads
  • (Unique) visitors to a particular page
  • Degree of interaction
  • Time on website / number of pages viewed
  • Assisted conversions – medium term (is there any contribution to the final hard conversion?)

Consideration keywords and landing pages

Now you know the essentials of the consideration keywords, let’s have a look on how to find the best consideration keywords specifically for your site.

Exploring the other stages

Let’s get into detail and have a look at the next stage, the favorite of most marketeers: the Purchase stage.