Introduction of the Loyalty stage

The conversion has been achieved, but this does not mean that we are there. It is important that the customer remains satisfied. Because the influence of word of mouth is often forgotten. There are many more conversions to be achieved by keeping customers happy right after the purchase. This is called the Loyalty stage. The KPIs that can be used here are customer reviews, engagement and, for example, the open rate of a newsletter.

Loyalty stage channels

Which channels are good to use in this stage? This stage focuses on the loyalty and retention stage so these resources are more about loyalty and retention.

  • Directing to collecting reviews (TrustPilotGoogle My Business, etc.)
  • Tell a friend program
  • Email Marketing
  • Social – Organic (involvement)
  • Youtube – Organic (involvement)
  • Social – Remarketing
  • Display – Remarketing

Loyalty stage KPI's

The Loyalty (Google’s Care) stage is the stage after the purchase. How do we keep the visitor connected to the organization? How do we create retention and maximum Customer Lifetime Value (CLV)? Valuable metrics in this stage are:

  • Ratio repeat purchases
  • Recommendations / reviews
  • Customer lifetime value
  • Social media performance
  • Aftersales performance

Loyalty keywords and landing pages​

Now you know the essentials of the Loyalty stage, it is time to have a look on how to find the best Loyalty keywords for your site.

Exploring the other stages

You come at the end of the information section about the customer journey model. Now it is time to get into action. Lets have a look at the Keywords Framework Guide.