Existing customers must be cherished. You want them to talk positively about you and maybe even place new orders. Upselling to an existing customer is far more easy and cheaper than acquiring a new customer. This is perhaps the most important stage of all. Last but not least, this Loyalty Keywords guide.

Generate loyalty keywords guide

How to generate keywords for the customer journey Loyalty stage?

  1. Add Company name and brands

    Brand keywords

    The first step in this loyalty keywords guide is entering your company name and the brand names you are known for. Of course you could also enter your brands in previous stages if your brand is widely known. In this stage it is indispensable.

  2. Add support and after sales


    Now it is time to add keywords describing your after sales support. Besides using remarketing as instrument, this is a good way to keep visible for your customers and keep them close to you.

  3. Generate CARE keywords

    Generate loyalty keywords guide

    The second-last step in this loyalty keywords guide is to click the generate button and the Loyalty keywords will be generated instantly! Again, the results depend on the entered data and the settings. You will have to discover which settings fit best.

  4. Copy Loyalty keywords

    This is the last step in the loyalty keywords guide. The Loyalty keywords have been generated. Now you need to determine the estimated search volume for the keywords. Once done, you can determine on which keywords you want to be found through organic search (SEO) or paid search traffic (SEA). Normally, the Loyalty stage is best suited for SEA. The visitors who are in this stage of their customer journey have been buying customers.

    So click on the copy button and paste the keywords in your favorite tool for tools fo estimating search traffic. For example, you can do this within Google Ads in the keyword planner (Tools and Settings> Keyword planner> Get search volume & forecast) or great paid tools such as MOZ or SEMRush.