Introduction of the Purchase keywords stage (Google's DO)

Yes, finally, there it is the “rock-hard conversion” stage, where the wait will be rewarded. Where focussing on conviction in the Consideration stage by providing information and USPs, you now focus on the actual conversion. Again advertising on search engines and social platformsGoogle Ads are useful channels. Look at the number of conversions and focus on the Return On Advertising Spend (ROAS) and Return on Investment (ROI). Analyze where opportunities lie, so that campaigns become and remain profitable. In short, it is high time for optimization.

Purchase keywords channels

Which channels are good to use purchase keywords? The Purchase stage focuses on the actual purchase / hard conversion. The following channels are suitable:

  • SEO – Content aimed at the visitor who is about to make a purchase
  • Social advertising – Remarketing based on previous touchpoints
  • Social advertising – Focus on purchase intention
  • Google AdWords – Focus on purchase intent
  • Google Shopping – Focus on purchase intent
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Display advertising – Remarketing based on previous touchpoints

Purchase stage KPI's

The Purchase stage focuses on hard conversions, such as the transaction or a reservation or the purchase of a product. The metrics for this stage may already be clear, but just an overview of some possible KPIs:

  • E-commerce conversion rate
  • ROAS (Return on ads spent)
  • Revenue
  • Shopping cart abandoners

Purchase keywords and landing pages

Now you know the essentials of the first three stages of the customer journey. Let’s have a look on how to find the best Purchase keywords for your site.

Exploring the other stages

Let’s get into detail and have a look at the last stage: understanding Loyalty (Google’s Do) keywords.