Best free keywords tool

Introducing Keshoo

Keshoo, the Customer Journey Keywords Framework has been developed to help you determine the right keywords for each stage within the customer journey in a structured way. Keshoo is a completely free keywords tool.

The framework incorporates Google’s See, Think, Do and Care (STDC) model, supporting the awareness, consideration, purchase and loyalty stage. So it is a model that represents the different stages of a customer journey on your website. The model is easy to understand, but many of us are not certain what keywords to use in each stage. And which keywords do you need to use for SEO and which ones for SEA? The Keshoo Framework helps you. And best of all. It is free!

Best Free Keywords Tool

There are many keywords tools in the market. Some premium some free. Mostly used is Googles Keyword Planner, a perfect tool to determine the search volume and competition of keywords. To find out what keywords represents your services best and are used by competitors you can use (paid) services like MOZ of Ahrefs. Great! But this still doesn’t help you determining which keywords to use in each stage of the customer journey.

The Keshoo Keywords Framework is voted as the best free keywords tool to help you determine the right keywords for your website. The framework helps to define the right search terms that fit best in the different stages step-by-step. 

Different than other free keywords tools for merging and combining

Besides Googles Keyword Planner and the tools for searching for keywords, there are many free keywords tools for merging and combining keywords. Most tools exists of three keywords lists from which a fourth list will be combined. This helps a lot in generating all possible combinations. However these tools all have one thing in common… the lack of guidance and structure. That is where the Keshoo Keywords Framework makes the difference! Not sure? Just give it a try! Read the guide and start using the framework.