The Keshoo Keywords Framework may seem complicated at first glance, but it is actually quite basic and easy to master. The first step in this keywords guide, describes adding data in the General Section. The General Section does not provide any output itself but is meant as common input for the other sections.

Keyword Product Properties - keywords guide

Understanding the STDC frameworks General Section

  1. Add product or services categories

    Product or services category

    A product category or services category is product(s) industry or market sector you are targetting on in this session.

    Required checkbox: The first element is a readonly checkbox with status “checked”. Required within the context of the framework means that there will be no combined data without any of the items in the underlying list.

  2. Select matching type for categories

    Keywords Matching types

    Choose one of the matching options in the Matching Type selection list:
    Phrase match (“”): Matches of the phrase (or close variations of the phrase) with additional words before or after. Close variations include terms with the same meaning. For example: “professional services” or “steak houses” will also have a match on “best steak house” or “steak restaurant in my area”. This is the default selected option.
    Exact match ([]): Exact matches of the term or close variations of that exact term with the same meaning. For example: [professional services] or [steak house]
    Modified Broad (+): All the terms designated with a + sign (or close variations of those terms) in any order. Close variations include terms with the same meaning. Additional words may appear before, after, or between the terms. For example: +professional +services” or +steak +house. will also have a match on “steak in my house” or “house at steak”.
    Broad: Close variations of the keyword, related searches, and other relevant variations. The words in the keyword don’t have to be present in a user’s search. For example: steak house will also have a match on “food residence”. We strongly advice not to select this option.

    More information and examples for matching types on Google website.

  3. Add products or services

    Products or services

    And now the most important step. Adding your products or services. The framework can best be used for one product(category) per session. For example: if you run a yacht club and boat rental, you can best run the framework and generate the keywords for the club in one session and the rental service in the second.
    So, in this sample there are two products added. A burger and an Argentinian Steak. The adjective “Argentinian” should only be added if we offer Argentinian steaks only and this adjective is indispensable. In all other cases we should only enter “Steak”. All product properties, characteristics or other descriptive words should be entered in the next steps and stages.
    Use the Required checkbox and the Matching Type selection list as described in step 1 and 2.

  4. Add properties

    Keyword Product Properties - keywords guide

    In this last step of the General Section, all relevant properties for the products or services added in this session can be entered. As you can see, the option Required can now be checked. This means that if this option is unchecked keyword combinations will also be combined/merged without any property.
    You can also select or unselect the Modified broad(+) option. By selecting this you make sure that every word of the properties must appear in the search term.

    Pay attention! Every time you select Modified Broad(+) within the framework you make the search term more specific. This results in fewer but better quality matches. So choose wisely.