Keshoo - Customer Journey Keywords Framework

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Which keywords lead to successful conversions on your website? Website visitors have different needs and are at different stages of their customer journey. Many are orienting themselves, some are considering your service / product and relatively only a few actually convert. Let the Keshoo Framework help you find the right words for each stage.

A Websites Customer Journey

A visitor follows a customer journey on your website. You must take this into account when setting up your website. The awareness, consideration, purchase and loyalty stages are translated for websites using Google’s See, Think, Do, Care (STDC) model, a guideline for implementing the online customer journey, developed by Google’s Avinash Kaushik

Keshoo, the free keywords tool

Which keywords belong to the different entry points? And which keywords do you use for organic search (SEO) and which ones for paid search (SEA)? Keshoo, the Customer Journey Keywords Framework guides you step by step in determining the right keywords for the Awareness, Consideration, Purchase and Loyalty stages (aka See, Think, Do, Care stages). It is the only keywords tool for supporting your websites customer journey.